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Product advantage

Product R & D and Innovation

We have more than 30+ faucet R&D personnel, all of them are professionals who have worked in the bathroom field for many years, no matter from the internal structure, appearance model or technological elements. They burning the professionals of our faucet, tap, and shower 100%. And they will keep online for 24 hours all the time, to provide customers with technical troubleshooting and supporting and help customers efficiently.


Advanced manufacturing equipment

Mechanized production can not only greatly improve productivity, but also control the faucet with higher precision. The high precision of CNC controls the unified specification of batch production. The CNC polishing can create a more beautiful appearance for the faucet. Other equipment is also used to guarantee product quality.


Strict quality control system

Quality is the lifeblood of a factory's survival, and it is also the requirement for products, so does to sanitary products. We not only have a professional QC team to carefully review the appearance of the faucet and shower for scratches, sand holes, cracks, etc., but also have different machines to test the leakage, flow, pressure, salt spray and life testing of the faucet, tap and shower.