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The big family of bathroom workers - AIM

December 14, 2022

Most of us work here by leaving our hometown, and we also want to feel warmth and humanity in a strange country while struggling. And AIM is doing very well, I will show you how it does.


For every employee who attending AIM, the company will help you pay pension, medical and other insurances. People first is the concept of China and also its the theme of AIM. Working in AIM, the company will provide working meals, all of which are free of charge. The chef will consider nutrition and seasons to cook food, so that every employee can work happily.


The life in the production workshop is busy and boring, but the company will still consider the group building activities on the schedule. That everyone can enjoy the sunshine by lying on the grass-ground  while immersed in the factory with tap smelling.


For all workers get some rest is the purpose of the team building, and more importantly, to improve the cohesion of the team. In the last team building activity, we held a marathon race, wore uniform clothes, and ran on the road. From a high place, it looks like a flag, full of youth and vitality.

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