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A new beginning in Bathroom---Dinggu Faucet

February 18, 2023

Wenzhou Dinggu technology Co., Ltd. , Its predecessor is a mould factory, which has undertaken nearly 70% of the faucet mould business in Wenzhou. In the later stage, we began to research and develop faucets, and officially launched in Wenzhou City.

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Lianfa Wang, is the CEO of Dinggu, he does well in mould manufacture, 30+ years experience about faucet manufacture, and knows the structures of faucet exhaustive, no matter internal or external. Because of that reason, our designs are always ahead of peers. Lianfa Wang can also grasp the design updating and marketing flow well. He cultivate designers vigorously, Dinggu has more than 30 designers. The creativity of design and the guarantee of quality, let Dinggu won the market quickly. We created about 30 million Dollars turnover in the second year.

We developed some social media, Such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, you can find us there, we often publish and update some information about our products.


Its the beginning of Dinggu, same for our cooperation.

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